Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete flooring is a wonderful choice for homeowners who don’t want the old-fashioned, gray, uninspiring concrete on their floors or pavements, whether it’s the driveway, a walkway, patio, pool deck or the floor of a basement or mudroom. However, a homeowner who wants concrete staining in Austin, Texas should use the services of a professional contractor. That’s because the preparation, staining, polishing, sealing and cleanup of a concrete floor is messy and labor intensive and must be done right the first time.

Concrete is stained with a mix of metallic salts that are acid soluble, hydrochloric acid and water. With this kind of acid stained concrete, the acid helps the color penetrate the concrete and become a part of it. This type of concrete staining won’t fade or chip. The drawback with for this, however, is that stains for concrete have a somewhat limited palette and mostly come in browns, beiges, tans and other neutral colors. On the other hand, stained concrete flooring can be made into beautiful and intricate patterns and the concrete itself can be polished to a high sheen. It can also be made to resemble expensive stone. Simple staining of concrete can cost from two to four dollars a square foot and becomes more expensive as more intricate work is done to the concrete.

A home or business owner who wants acid stained concrete floors or pavement for their property in Austin, Texas should contact a professional concrete contractor for a beautiful, long-lasting and low-maintenance floor or pavement.

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